As I formulate my confession that I have been concealing within myself for such a long time, I digress to think about everything that has been going on these past couple of weeks from the Inaugural Ball (yet another congrats to Jason Wu, that is what you call a repeat customer), Paris Fashion Week, and the news of the Kimye baby, which leads me into my confession: I, Shaniece, totally think on numerous occassions what it would be like to be a Kardashian and I have even tweeted @krisjenner to adopt me and become my momager!

Despite what we see and hear in the media about this family, I love them (although hands down I am a Khlover, totally my long lost twin) and appreciate all their mistakes because just as in their family I am sure we can all find similar flaws within our own family. Hey I have a cousin whose been married more than three times and I call it scouting out the right mate, so kudos to you Kim for not stopping until you found the right one (Kanye is it) so don’t prove us Yeezy Supporters wrong especially now that you are with child. I’ve seen your closet and personally his (via through work) so I can just imagine baby Yeezy’s. On top of it all I’d give anything to have a camera follow me around to see the craziness that goes on with my family. Speaking of which, that should be the next thing a Caribbean/Cape Verdean family reality show based in NYC/CT, @ryanseacrest see me when you need your ratings to spike through the roof, we are totally the next Jeffersons.

I have had much delight in working behind the scenes with @kanyewest stylist, learning the ropes and thoughts behind his favored and unfavored style, and to those who unfavor his style he must me doing something right to be invited to all shows. I am totally psyched for him to be a dad and @kimkardashian to be a mom (especially after Sunday’s epidode of KKTM) because despite what people know of these two they truly ARE in love. I sometimes aspire to emulate the love they share, and it wouldn’t be half bad to have someone overhaul your closet and fill it with amazing designers. In this case @kanyewest took note from his boy  Jay’ wife Bey when she said “partner let me upgrade you” Indeed he has done just that! From changing her status quo, to wardrobe, and right on to her travel and living arrangements. When it is all said and done, I confess that I too am another KIMYE supporter! Check out ManRepeller’s awesome coverage on the Kimye situation here.

So how do you feel about not judging my confession but about the Kimye?